Friday, February 20, 2009


I know i didn't post anything lately BUT i have a good reason for that !! YESTERDAY WAS MY AUNT'S WEDDING PEOPLE !! :D

It was amazing lots of people came my best friends also attended the wedding wgich was soo cool

i wore a pink dress and finally i had curls in my hair though they didn't last hhhhhh it my hair's nature because its staright..

anyways we all looked gorgeous , had looots of fun and great time ^^

alla wfga el 3rsaana w 39bal el 3zaabya

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Bliss said...

mabroooooooook ^_^
allah ywafghum

pinky said...

thanx 7booba .. 38baalech

salma said...

i hope they have life full of happiness and joy..oo 3ogbalik