Saturday, February 14, 2009


driving along the crowded streets
on my lovely songs thinking about the day
what classes do i have , what to do during the day
a loud sound came out ,, from all sides
lots of black shadows surrounding me
my tiny IS300 was stuck in the middle
surrounded by huge cars
x-trail in the front , ringrover on my right
and the worse part is a huge cars on my left and at the back
heard the crashes from the front and the back
saw the two sided cars coming tooo close to me
they reached my side mirrors !!
wanted to scream.... thought im dying
prayed god that nothing happenes to me not for me
but for my parents sake couldn't imagine leaving them in this world
didn't want to make them cry
god is always ther as my mom says
nothing happened to me
not a single scratch on my car
thank god

5 التعليقات:

Bliss said...

oh god!
7amdilah 3ala salamtik!!

zina said...

thank god :)

Glitter said...

KHa6ach ilso :-*

pinky said...

thanx all ^^

salma said...

salamat wo ma tshofeen shar