Monday, February 16, 2009

boring yesterday

Let me tell you about yesterday which was really boring ...
so i woke up at 7:30am and took my sister to her school then went to uni , my first class was psychology @ 11:00 which i didn't attend :p and went to the saloon with my friend insted later on @12:30 i had an elective course and silly me i choose history !! i hate this subject but didn't have another choice well i had but i will be alone without my friends and this will make the class boring and i wont have anyone to talk to long story i know hhhh anyways , our doctor is soo funny and the whole class is side talks and nothing related to the subject we only took few headlines ,,, sadly our doctor travelled and another doctor came .. so the fun is over now :(
the doctor started to explain the importent topics and it was something we hear for the first time hhhh and we have a midterm in the begining of march..
then i went to have lunch with my friend who is my cousin as well (we take the same major and in the same age , always together ^^)
after that comes the boring part we had anatomy lab its not boring but i got lost in the middle !! lots of nerves and muscles ooooooooh i got this bad headache even .. then we went to the cadaver and this is the part i looooooove in medicie because i feel im a real medical student ..
going home @ 4:30 i was really tired and the headache got worse then i slept ..
woke up on my dad's voice i didn't want to wake up but he was taking me out to the mall and to buy jewellery .. JEWELLERY guys my addiction ofcourse i will wake up .. so i went out had lots of fun , shopped alot , went home went online so i had a good start yet the middle wasn't good but atleast it was ended in a good way ...

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