Friday, February 20, 2009

the body shop spring collection

Though im not a big fan of their make up , i love their body cream , the shower sits they have are amazing they've got nice things but never thought about getting their make up ..
3 days ago i was in MEGA MALL and my sister wanted to buy something from their shop and i saw the new collection IT IS AMAZING ,, LOVED THE PINK LIPSTICK..

sooo cuuute and looks natural

i got the pink one on the left ,,, gorgeous ,,, i only use mascra , the lipstick with blusher and im ready to go ^^

4 التعليقات:

Bliss said...

oooh shalku marra 7elo :)

Another-Penelope said...

wow looks awesome to me and awesome u have mega mall in UAE !! i'll try one of those ^_^

pinky said...

bliss \\ another-penelope

it is true girls its amazing ^^

salma said...

wow they look really nice
i think i'll get the blusher
thank you for sharing