Friday, February 20, 2009

love it

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Anonymous said...

7abbait el shoes,abe nafsah <_<
so i've read some of ur posts,ur a medical student in shj??? GREAT,ur in aus in shj?

o0o Sofia o0o said...

Those heels are a little bit too high for me :P Half of them would be enough :D
But I really like the colour and model as a whole.

Nice blog,keep on.
I'll be reading here more often

pinky said...

candy: i loved it 2 though im already tall hhh , im in UOS and majoring in medicine and surgery ^^

o0o Sofia o0o : ya th color is cool , im tall but still love heels and never stop buying them .. thanx sweety waiting for more comments

p!nk said...

that shoe is wayed funkiii, when she dressed up in Dior she really looks cool.

nice one =D


Candy said...

e7lefeeeeeeeee? mashallah i always admired banat el 6eb,very tough major,good luck ^^
wait i only know AUS,what's UOS? ^^"

pinky said...

p!nk ... yeah she looks cute wearing them

Candy ... thanx cuty u made me blush ^^
UOS= university of sharjah ^^

MashMosh said...

ooooh they look weird in a nice way =P