Tuesday, February 24, 2009

funny day full events

so from the headline its obvious that my day didn't go well yet it wasn't that bad ..!!
starting the day the practical anatomy lab was going well , it was about the anatomy of upper arm , applying it in the dead body "in the cadavor" was interesting and even on plastinated organs we had fun in studying it as a group .. my group is really good by the way i love them all of them are good friends of mine..
after that i went to AUS finishing some work ... this is the part that i don't know how to describe IS IT FUNNY OR SHOULD I BE ANAGERY !!
yesterday i came to uni in my dad's car so i took all my ID and license with me , went i went home i took them with me and put them in my wallet ..TODAY when i went to AUS i wanted to take my friend with me and she has a card that allow her to go out with me <<<<<>
anyways , i really dont know how to describe this day but i think "na7s" is the correct word ....
lets see how the rest of the day will go ,,, hope its for the best ..
so tell me dear friends what do you think about my day :D ,,,, and what about your day !!
looooooots of love

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Candy said...

it was wonderful ^___^
a7es enah when u went out with ur friend out of ur uni to AUS is an action :DDD
yesterday i was going to comment but ur weird box says i have to enter the verification word & it took ages 2 appear and then it didn't appear <_<

pinky said...

hhhh la seriously i got soo upset awal shay ,, bs then i laughed the whole day

Candy said...

yallah update ^^"