Sunday, February 22, 2009


I LOVE CANDLES ...i cant sleep unless there are candles in the room <<>>

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No identity.. said...

Who don’t ? ... I love them too... :)

Candy said...

me too:)
i adore them :D

p!nk said...

i like the candle with smells to them..
i adore the lavender one from l'occitane..


pinky said...

i loove the one with strawberry and roses which i got as a birthday gift <3

thanx all for passing ^^

o0o Sofia o0o said...

I have candles with smell of jasmine... mmmm...
but be careful! don't foget to put them out!! I have a friend that forgot to do it and fell asleep! her night table started to burn and thanx God that she woke up! or she would be dead now!
The only damae was that her night table and her glasses that were on the table were destroyed.. and everyone was laughing about her :P even our teacher was laughing and telling the whole class that:" your friend lighted candles and wanted to have a romantic ambience and the her glasses were burned !" ha ha :D