Friday, February 27, 2009


So i was away for a while not long but i was busy the last two days , but the good busy not the bad one hhhhhh ..
something major is happening :D no really something really good is happening and hoping that everything goes perfect ... "d3waatkom" :)
anyways ,, this week in uni was long lots of physiology "ahhhhhhhhhh" but it went well and its over hoping next week will be better,,,,
more about me weekend , GUESS WHAT !!! I WENT TO JEBEL ALI RACECOURSE AGAIN ,,, god i love the place soo amazing .. and the local jockey won the race i was soo happy for him ^^
seriously people who didn't go to such event should really find time to go ,, i had a great time specialy when you have the VIP seat :p and it was better than the first time now that i know the place ...
the rest of the weekend i guess will be for me blog because i missed it and missed my dear readers ^^ ...
hope you all enjoyed the weekend ^^

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Another-Penelope said...

hey there pinky :D
oh wow looks like you had fun,wish I was there too ^_^ welcome back !!

pinky said...

yup i had a great time ... you should do it trust me ^^

Candy said...

glad u had fun,...VIP :DD
la 7abeeby 7adde hnee fee AD
el ahl allah yehdehum, father hates Dubai's za7maa <_<
he takes us there like once or twice per year
i know,i know,such a misrable me @@!

pinky said...

hii candy ... you should try it walla
and there are such places in AD