Sunday, February 22, 2009


Currently im in a GOOD mood !!
my wish came true and my day went well , the classes were easy and the search this week didn't take along time and i finished my work for today ..
other than uni and studying ,, today i was wearing a SKIRT !! for the first time in uni hhhh everyone was looking at me and goes like wooow pinkya you are wearing a skirt :p
the imp part is that all of them agreed that i looked super cute in it ^^ but im not going to leave my jeans ofcourse but i needed to change my style abit ..

umm ... yaa driving back home was fun :D enjoyed my time listening to my fav. song and today my mood was"mee7ad 7amad" !!! and i wont forget my stawberry milk ,, yes people im being a good girl and drinking strawberry milk <<<<<<>

and what reallllllllllly made me happy is seeing someone that i missed badly ^^ hope it happens everyday..

anyways enough talking about my day .. there is something annoying me lately .. some people are acting stupid .. selfish .. mean ..
i don't get why do people do that !!! you are not better than others ..WAKE UP
and the worset part is someone who is really nothing and acting as if he\she the best in the world .. i hate that ..
i have one thing to say for those people :
if you think that in this way you are showing others that you are something you are so damn wrong , what you are doing is just pushing people away from you and loosing their friendship , at the end you will find your self ALONE no one will ever care about you because you didn't care about others .. be friendly nothing is better than being with people that loves you and care about you ..
i guess i talked alot but i wanted to get it out xD

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Candy said...

wanasah youm el wa7ed eykoon fee good mood which i lack latley..
skirts,i haate "long" skirts :D
glad that u had fun

pinky said...

i hate them too but i wanted 2 change w imagine everyone loved it on me ^^