Friday, February 27, 2009


So i was away for a while not long but i was busy the last two days , but the good busy not the bad one hhhhhh ..
something major is happening :D no really something really good is happening and hoping that everything goes perfect ... "d3waatkom" :)
anyways ,, this week in uni was long lots of physiology "ahhhhhhhhhh" but it went well and its over hoping next week will be better,,,,
more about me weekend , GUESS WHAT !!! I WENT TO JEBEL ALI RACECOURSE AGAIN ,,, god i love the place soo amazing .. and the local jockey won the race i was soo happy for him ^^
seriously people who didn't go to such event should really find time to go ,, i had a great time specialy when you have the VIP seat :p and it was better than the first time now that i know the place ...
the rest of the weekend i guess will be for me blog because i missed it and missed my dear readers ^^ ...
hope you all enjoyed the weekend ^^

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

funny day full events

so from the headline its obvious that my day didn't go well yet it wasn't that bad ..!!
starting the day the practical anatomy lab was going well , it was about the anatomy of upper arm , applying it in the dead body "in the cadavor" was interesting and even on plastinated organs we had fun in studying it as a group .. my group is really good by the way i love them all of them are good friends of mine..
after that i went to AUS finishing some work ... this is the part that i don't know how to describe IS IT FUNNY OR SHOULD I BE ANAGERY !!
yesterday i came to uni in my dad's car so i took all my ID and license with me , went i went home i took them with me and put them in my wallet ..TODAY when i went to AUS i wanted to take my friend with me and she has a card that allow her to go out with me <<<<<>
anyways , i really dont know how to describe this day but i think "na7s" is the correct word ....
lets see how the rest of the day will go ,,, hope its for the best ..
so tell me dear friends what do you think about my day :D ,,,, and what about your day !!
looooooots of love

Monday, February 23, 2009

cute phones

Don't they look cute !!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I LOVE CANDLES ...i cant sleep unless there are candles in the room <<>>


Currently im in a GOOD mood !!
my wish came true and my day went well , the classes were easy and the search this week didn't take along time and i finished my work for today ..
other than uni and studying ,, today i was wearing a SKIRT !! for the first time in uni hhhh everyone was looking at me and goes like wooow pinkya you are wearing a skirt :p
the imp part is that all of them agreed that i looked super cute in it ^^ but im not going to leave my jeans ofcourse but i needed to change my style abit ..

umm ... yaa driving back home was fun :D enjoyed my time listening to my fav. song and today my mood was"mee7ad 7amad" !!! and i wont forget my stawberry milk ,, yes people im being a good girl and drinking strawberry milk <<<<<<>

and what reallllllllllly made me happy is seeing someone that i missed badly ^^ hope it happens everyday..

anyways enough talking about my day .. there is something annoying me lately .. some people are acting stupid .. selfish .. mean ..
i don't get why do people do that !!! you are not better than others ..WAKE UP
and the worset part is someone who is really nothing and acting as if he\she the best in the world .. i hate that ..
i have one thing to say for those people :
if you think that in this way you are showing others that you are something you are so damn wrong , what you are doing is just pushing people away from you and loosing their friendship , at the end you will find your self ALONE no one will ever care about you because you didn't care about others .. be friendly nothing is better than being with people that loves you and care about you ..
i guess i talked alot but i wanted to get it out xD

Saturday, February 21, 2009

quick chatt

its sunday morning and i didn't sleep well yesterday "aaaaaaah" Im so tired the streets were soo crowded!!! which gave me a headache.. Now that i reached uni im feeling happy hhhhh and i don't have any idea ppl xD
anyways my day is not that bad i have only 3 classes and i finish early today @ 2:00pm which is veeeeeeery early in my major "poooor medical students"
now im going to have my breakfast with "SARA" then go to our class ...

i feel that this week is going to be a good one with lots of fun or atleast i hope so !!
wish you all a good luck in school , uni or work ... wish you a good week !!

lots of love
pinkya <3

Friday, February 20, 2009

love it

the body shop spring collection

Though im not a big fan of their make up , i love their body cream , the shower sits they have are amazing they've got nice things but never thought about getting their make up ..
3 days ago i was in MEGA MALL and my sister wanted to buy something from their shop and i saw the new collection IT IS AMAZING ,, LOVED THE PINK LIPSTICK..

sooo cuuute and looks natural

i got the pink one on the left ,,, gorgeous ,,, i only use mascra , the lipstick with blusher and im ready to go ^^


I know i didn't post anything lately BUT i have a good reason for that !! YESTERDAY WAS MY AUNT'S WEDDING PEOPLE !! :D

It was amazing lots of people came my best friends also attended the wedding wgich was soo cool

i wore a pink dress and finally i had curls in my hair though they didn't last hhhhhh it my hair's nature because its staright..

anyways we all looked gorgeous , had looots of fun and great time ^^

alla wfga el 3rsaana w 39bal el 3zaabya

Monday, February 16, 2009


ITS 11:oo am and in uni having breakfast in uni with sara(my cousin and friend i talked about) and we will study what we took in anatomy yesterday and guess what !! ITS SOO EASY IT NEEDS ONLY CONCENTRATION and you are ready to go hhhh i finished half of it actually ..
anyways i will go ans finish the rest of our freinds just came ^^ now we will finish and then think of what to do till 1:30 <<<>

take care all ^^

boring yesterday

Let me tell you about yesterday which was really boring ...
so i woke up at 7:30am and took my sister to her school then went to uni , my first class was psychology @ 11:00 which i didn't attend :p and went to the saloon with my friend insted later on @12:30 i had an elective course and silly me i choose history !! i hate this subject but didn't have another choice well i had but i will be alone without my friends and this will make the class boring and i wont have anyone to talk to long story i know hhhh anyways , our doctor is soo funny and the whole class is side talks and nothing related to the subject we only took few headlines ,,, sadly our doctor travelled and another doctor came .. so the fun is over now :(
the doctor started to explain the importent topics and it was something we hear for the first time hhhh and we have a midterm in the begining of march..
then i went to have lunch with my friend who is my cousin as well (we take the same major and in the same age , always together ^^)
after that comes the boring part we had anatomy lab its not boring but i got lost in the middle !! lots of nerves and muscles ooooooooh i got this bad headache even .. then we went to the cadaver and this is the part i looooooove in medicie because i feel im a real medical student ..
going home @ 4:30 i was really tired and the headache got worse then i slept ..
woke up on my dad's voice i didn't want to wake up but he was taking me out to the mall and to buy jewellery .. JEWELLERY guys my addiction ofcourse i will wake up .. so i went out had lots of fun , shopped alot , went home went online so i had a good start yet the middle wasn't good but atleast it was ended in a good way ...

Saturday, February 14, 2009


driving along the crowded streets
on my lovely songs thinking about the day
what classes do i have , what to do during the day
a loud sound came out ,, from all sides
lots of black shadows surrounding me
my tiny IS300 was stuck in the middle
surrounded by huge cars
x-trail in the front , ringrover on my right
and the worse part is a huge cars on my left and at the back
heard the crashes from the front and the back
saw the two sided cars coming tooo close to me
they reached my side mirrors !!
wanted to scream.... thought im dying
prayed god that nothing happenes to me not for me
but for my parents sake couldn't imagine leaving them in this world
didn't want to make them cry
god is always ther as my mom says
nothing happened to me
not a single scratch on my car
thank god

Friday, February 13, 2009

miu miu ,, the style i love

Catherine Malandrino

love the style .. simple and elegant

random thoughts

since we are born we have an idea about we want to be in future , the kind of life we want to is true that some work hard to get but some and i can say most of us are just dreaming and wishingthat everything will turn the way they want..but things never work this way , we need to work hard to get what we want ..sometimes you think you have a wonderfull life and everything is perfect and just the way you want it to beand something comes and change everything and you stay in that corner for too long ..but life is not pink all the time ..there are good days and bad days for all of us but sadly people only think about the bad part which i totally getbecause i went through this lately ..but then i realized that life is not that is soo amazing and having lots to explore but we hang up to the bad moments we had forgetting all the good i got this idea that if i want to live a pink life i need to make it pink no matter what happens and people tried to ruin it for life is something i control and i dicide how to live if you want to be happy start being one!! do what makes you happy anjoy your time..if you didn't go out and do that dont blam life because we choose ..

BE the architect of your life

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The purses are soo elegant an chic ... amazing love the golden & silver purses they have
but the whites are baad!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MY DAY IN UNI .. part 2

a snak in the last class ^^ i really got bored in that class >>ufff<<
using the book to identify the parts of the shoulder

in the lab ^^

msg that i loved

اجتمع بالقلب (حبك)
مع همومي والدراسه ..
وانقسم عندي طموحي
بين (شوفك)

MY DAY IN UNI.. part1

IN THE CLASS .. i know its not that clear the lights were off

OUR PAPERS .. we have some bones , muscles ans joint to identify then we have to mark them

Sunday, February 8, 2009

funny ..


رأي + الرأي الأخر = الفوز لمن له جمهور اكثر


I think the pictures are enough ^_* i dont need to talk hhhh


Saturday, February 7, 2009

INKHEART .. amazing movie

THIS weekend "thursday" i went out and really wanted to watch a new movie though i've seen alot in the spring holiday but shopping is not that enjoyable in the sale :( ..
We choose "INKHEART" but when we got there we found that most of them are kids!! we got depressed "me and my sister" and thought we will leave the movie in a while but thought we will give it a shot and see what happens , but when the movie started seriously it was amazing that i started talking to the screen when the girl didn't see the thief which made my sister laugh..
honestly the movie is amazing ...


i liked the color
the only heel i liked from chloe' because their heels are not that high mostly below 4 inchs =.= which i hate