Saturday, May 30, 2009


me and mom were just watching the oprah's show and she was talking to two mom's each of them lost her boy after they committed suicied because of bullying at school!!!!!!
can you believe that and how old are those boys !!! 9 and 11 years GOD it makes me soo angry kides are happy and fun lover they wont just go and hang them self for something that happened for few days i bit it happened for a long time till thay had enough and did what they did
and what made me even more sad is that one of them left a note for him family saying that he loves them but he got tired of it!!
where was the family when all that happened ???
and in schools aren't there teachers ????
abi afhaam mno el ms2oool 3an ha kla!!
till when is this going to happen they should me something done speciallllly in schools people are putting their kids there thinking that its a safe place and 5laa9 they can go to work and the kid is safe and learning and having fun with his friends .. teachers should do something to make schools a better place l2na the kid is spending almost all the day there!!
also for the parents they should talk 2 them about school like how is studying ? who is your friend? how is everything?
i remember talking with mom after school in our way to home about everything that happened in school like the funny stuff and studying i think that this is the best way atleast if your kid is having a problem you will know you will be there for him\her ..
i know my thoughts are mixed up but i got really angry and sad :(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the fun has just started loool

going to the mall after a while
looking for a new movie to watch
plus shopping ... lots of shopping :P
BUT what movie to watch!!
though im not in the mood !!
someone is not talking to me :(

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


العمر لا رحت ما يسوى والله ما يسوى
خذ روحي خذ قلبي خذ عمري يا هنيالي
لك حياتي لك فدوه كلي لك فدوه
عشقي غرامي هيامي حبي الغالي
ولعتني سهرتني يا منيتي بحبك
دامني انا ميت عنا بمشي انا بدربك
كثر ما احبك انا احبك ويلي من حبك
هناني بكاني خلني اعشق عيوبك
دنيتي تضحك ليه بقربك خلني بقربك
عمري حياتي حبيبي انا محبوبك
لا تروح بعيد عن عيني يا ضوى عيني
حبي جنوني وروحي فيك مجبروه
بس اشوفك تضحك سنيني يا حلو سنيني
تغلى وتحلى في عيني وقلبي وشعوره
ولعتني سهرتني يا منيتي بحبك
دامني انا ميت عنا بمشي انا بدربك
العمر لا رحت ما يسوى والله ما يسوى
خذ روحي خذ قلبي خذ عمري يا هنيالي

Thursday, May 21, 2009

chan a5l9 exams

mn el 3nwaaan ana 5laaa9t my finals w a5eeran
god im soo happy 3la 6ool after the exam i went 2 the spa then slept and it was sooo goood i forgot how relaxing it is to sleep and not think about the next exam and what is left to study and the amout of info. going arroung in your mind!!!
anyways , i just came back from the mall , went to see a movie "CHAOS THEORY" which was nice ... hhhh i want to do everything i can o have fun
now im soo tired i guess i will sleep and i need it it feels like i didn't sleep for years .. hhhhhh
now i waiting for my marks i really hope i pass this year coz i really gave 100000% of my effort and as for you guys i will come with new stuff veeeeeeeeeeery soon :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

resting for awhile

so i had 2 exams and still 3 to go..
well the first one was easy BUT the second one ummm i don't know !!
ya i dont know wither it was easy or hard honstly it was something in between not that hard that you can't solve but still not even the avarage exam plus it had 100 MCQs imagine that!!
its not easy and so stressfull anyways im done with it ..
need to focuse more about what is coming ..
wish me luck :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


i know it has been along time since i posted something new
but what to do im having finals the next week and there are lots of lectures that need someone to read them :p
so im off to study these days but coming soon with new things for sure
take care all
and wish me luck