Thursday, May 21, 2009

chan a5l9 exams

mn el 3nwaaan ana 5laaa9t my finals w a5eeran
god im soo happy 3la 6ool after the exam i went 2 the spa then slept and it was sooo goood i forgot how relaxing it is to sleep and not think about the next exam and what is left to study and the amout of info. going arroung in your mind!!!
anyways , i just came back from the mall , went to see a movie "CHAOS THEORY" which was nice ... hhhh i want to do everything i can o have fun
now im soo tired i guess i will sleep and i need it it feels like i didn't sleep for years .. hhhhhh
now i waiting for my marks i really hope i pass this year coz i really gave 100000% of my effort and as for you guys i will come with new stuff veeeeeeeeeeery soon :)

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Candy said...

mabro0o0ok !!
akeed intee mn el AUS 9aa7?? coz they finished their exams =.=

3ogbalana Uff <_<
enjoy ur ejazah =D

Another-Penelope said...

Mabroook o enshalla naj7aaaa pinkiya o yalla nabee new posts;)

pinky said...

thanx girls <3