Thursday, May 28, 2009

the fun has just started loool

going to the mall after a while
looking for a new movie to watch
plus shopping ... lots of shopping :P
BUT what movie to watch!!
though im not in the mood !!
someone is not talking to me :(

3 التعليقات:

Candy said...

lool enjoy =D

Another-Penelope said...

have fun babes!

Amani said...

الله احلى شي الافلام انا حياتي كلها افلام بافلام حتى حياتي الواقعيه صارت افلام بس هاا قوليلي شنو الفيلم اللي دشيتيه عشان اعرف حلو ولا مو حلو واشوفه ;p