Sunday, March 15, 2009

what happened!!

so im thinking about something lately!!
what happened to some girls wearring ugly outfits , that look really bad on them !!
never wear skinny jeanz or short skirts unless you are size 8 or less mostly for size 6 and less but if you are a size 8 and tall its ok i guess , any way it goes with your body more than sizes ..
and colors .. people what happened !! im not against colors but wear colors that goes together don't go out looking like you just took anything and put it on !! even if you wanted to wear 3-4 colors FINE but choose carefully but not 10 colors.. and what im seeing is that if she is not wearing colors she will stick to one color only !! all red or blue !! WHY!! its looks bad wake up
seriously the make up and the ugly red lipstick walla some wear it for uni @ 8:00 am
this is not the time for this
put it while you ae out , party or watching a movie not to uni!!
i know i talked alot ,, but from what im seeing !!!
so what do you think about it girls??

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Another-Penelope said...

I agree really but hey im skinny and I love wearing skinny pants (mostly wearing) and the colors wait I never seen 10 colors together @@ thats just horrible for sure ! is it ok if i match with two colors or three ?

pinky said...

if you are skinny sure do it but not some one who is fat!! ya3ni dont get me wrong ppl but it doesn't look good

yes i always go with 2 or 3 colors mostly 3

trust me i saw it many times hhhhh

Another-Penelope said...

la 3ady hehehe I like you're honest girl ^_^ ok then im happy to the skinny jeans :D
oh cool 2 and 3 colors just fine then ^_^ woooh im relieved