Monday, March 16, 2009

a happy life

im noticing something lately which is the common sadness that people are putting them self in .. which i really dont get , why are you having all those sad DP or nicknames !!
and always the dramatic songs!!
people its not good for your health , not good at all in all aspects
actually a friend of mine who is doing this " bad , sad mood all the time with the sad songs and everything" is talking to me about her self and annoyed from her sad life!! im like ok you choose this life , she said that nothing she ever wanted happened her way ..
people happyness wont come and knock on your door !! work to get it
if you want to live a happy , funny life .. the best life anyone can have start by your self
think in a possitive way .. and good songs are there all the time ^^
and my advice is to wear lots of colorfull outfits seriously it works and has a great effect on you..
think that nothing last for ever and this sadness or problem you are having is going away sooner or later .. and after those tears there will be lots of laughs just believe in that and you will have a pink life ^^
value things that you are having and you will find nothing better than what you have..
value the family , good friends and your love ones that you have and you will see that its enough and even more than you can ever ask for .. ^^
wish you all a happy life

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Bliss said...

i listen to alot of sad songs, but i don't get all emo on everyone and wear dark clothes like those losers
i always make room for cheerful songs plus i love wearing colorful girly clothes :)

but you should know that we can relate to some of those sad songs, it helps alot knowing that someone out there feels your pain, 3arafty?

Another-Penelope said...

It's true that annoys to others when they keep talking about sadness,in fact it's true when u wear something colorful,it bloom us and give us brightness side too ! I tried that !, why don't you try to tell her that?

besides fee nas leman egoloon 3n mshakelhom 7g '3airhom,they'll feel good later because they have getting out their sorrow,you know^_^

Stylish-Girl said...

honestly, i tend to be negative often...

but ill take ur advice in mind,
thank you for the advice