Saturday, March 14, 2009

missed blogging

so i've been away for a while >> missed blogging and missed you guys <<
well what kept me away was that my lovely mom came back from omrah ^^
and i wanted to stay with her as much as i can , i had uni and 2 exams this week and im soo happy that it passed .. in the weekend we were busy with the visiter that came to see mom

thurseday was my best day ,, i have no words to say !! it was just perfect >> a day i will never ever forget .. >> hope that it happens again <<
now that im having thw whole week off im having lots of ideas about how to spend it ..
any suggestion dear friends ??

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Another-Penelope said...

welcome back girl we missed ya for sure ! 7mdlla 3la slama to mama ^_^

oh mmm cinema i guess @@

youcompleteme said...

jarbay Spa treatment! aaaaaaah ;$