Sunday, March 29, 2009

soo cute

i love those flated purses .. so cute for a going out
unless it was a party or a wedding i will go with leather clutches more

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Candy said...

super cute )=
pinkya,ur a fanshion icon :D since ur blog is full of these lovley fashionable things <3

BeBe said...

lol when i first saw them i thought they were pellows :D they're cute for a hangout i'd say

Anonymous said...

What? the material looks so cheap.. like clothes for a toy material. I thought they were toy pillows when I saw them.

Stylish-Girl said...

those bags are so cute!
but i am used to shoulder bags, i think i might get confused at first with a clutch one! LOL~

are there any brands u know sell good ones?