Thursday, June 18, 2009

what else to do loool

hii all
im having a good week though i thought summer would be better than this but its good..
having classes from 8:00am till 2:00 pm is not that bad since the courses are easy and we keep playing :p coz its only pass or fail so getting the 60 is what we need do looool..
after that i go to the jym with 2 of my close friends and we stay for an hour or so though its weird i gained 1 kg!!!! , it feels like you have time for everything walla after i finish sports i go home between the msn and tv and i started to watch many movies and tv shows hhhhh im catching up i guess ..
today i drove my brother's "nissan vtc" which was ><" no comment hhhhhhhhhh but fun and i did drive it well ... im a good driver el 7mdella but it was tooooooooo big for me
anyways, im looking for a movie to watch i guess i will choose "the proposal" dont know and maybe or maybe not i will get a BB l2na my sister wants it though i think its too "dfsh" for a girl bs madri i like the options it has but the way it looks is really bad ... we will see what happens :)
take care all ...<3

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Candy said...

3laaaaich noooor its (dfsh)=D
even it has nice features..

yalla pass with 60,ethakreene bel ayam el 5awalee youm knt aba anja7 bas =P

pinky said...

hhhhh what to do tra its not counted

daddies little cuttie said...

lo0o0o0l i wish i can drive :P