Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sun shine

sun shine

happiness and comfort

feeling so special
i feel like a fairy tale princess
having you arround is something else
nothing is even close to it
you make me smile and cry
even when i get sad you make laugh
and i have no idea how you do that
doing anything but never let me stay sad
baby you bring sun shin and wormth to my life
and made me feel complete
you are something i would never give up on

6 التعليقات:

Candy said...

yaay! hope u feel like princess forever and ever..

No identity.. said...

WooW... nice feeling :=)

Jouja™ said...

wow this is so sweet
i am so happy for you!!
i miss those feelings, i think i lost them last week :(

take good care of it and never let go :)

Another-Penelope said...

dooms pinky ^_^

Principessa said...

awww cute !

pinky said...

thanx all for the nice comments
happy that u liked it <3