Thursday, June 4, 2009

from the heart .. 1

everything is going smooth
just the way i dreamed about it
couldn't ask for moreaaah it felt like a dream that no one would ever want to wake up from
but it was real .. we are together
i wish people would leave us alone
but from now on i don't care
i wont care!!
as long as we are happy nothing else matters ..

8 التعليقات:

Candy said...

is it abt a guy? or a girl? allah ehaneekum o stay together forvere =D

BeBe said...

Hope u'll be happy forever :) u deserve all the good things in life :)

pinky said...

its just something i wrote at night

Another-Penelope said...

Be happy with what decision u have ur in :)

No identity.. said...

I like the spirit, one of I most believe… don’t care about any one as long as you are happy …. Yahooo...

daddies little cuttie said...

u choose ur life and ur path ... what ever choice u make u take the full responsibilties of ur action ... dont let anyone interfer with ur happiness if u feel its the right thing deep in heart

amani said...

تعورييين قلبي مو عليج علي انا لوول
بس اتمنى مو الناس اللي تخلينا بروحناا اتمنى لو هالافكار خلاص تطلع من عقلي الى الابد يمكن يصير فيه مكان يعبر عن الراحه اكثر

Bliss said...

Knowing that you made up your mind over something you truly believe in, is all that matters.
As long as you're happy, never let anyone take that away from you.