Friday, April 3, 2009

week end

talking anout my weekend which going good so far ,, on thursday my day at uni was reallu long i had classes from 9:ooam till 2:00 pm then from 2:30 till 4:30 pm poor me long day walla
yet it ended in a good way i had a wonderfull amazing hour at the end ^_*
then went home and i was having a party in my house and had a great time with my friends , who i really love " thanx all for coming "
today i went to "wadi siji " the weather was coooool i had fun , the place was nice you after the rain that we had the whole week the place is amazing now actually its rainning out side now i can hear the sound :p
and watched a nice movie along with few episodes from grey's anatomy its becoming better and fun to watch now..
now im doing my favo. thing ever "bloging" hhhh and looking for something new to share with you guys ^^

have fun ..

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Another-Penelope said...

hey welcome back miss ya pinky ^_^

wanasa u did party bs mo wanasa ena u didn't invite +(

ee nabee new things share share:P

Candy said...

halaaa back pinkya :D
ya blog more often now :D since ur back
ur weekend seems wonderful,mine too..

pinky said...

missing u more
and updates are coming ^^