Tuesday, April 7, 2009

break 2

completing my week today we went to uni and worked as a group finding objectives that we should search about and make a presentation and present it on thursday and guess what im presenting in front of all students of year one in medicine " about 120 student"
ohhhh my god i totally forgot that when i said yes!!
bs yalla ma3laih i can do it ........ hhhh awna im a strong girl now
anyways we finished the work then i had the best 2 hours anyone can imagine ^_*
tommorrow i have work at the School Health Services "97a mdrasya" then we will go to schools and see how do they apply the work over there
then we will go to uni and finish the work for thursday so it is going to be along day :p
but im sure it will be full of fun ..

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o0o Sofia o0o said...

It's not easy to do a presentation in front of so many ppl, but it will be ok for sure :)
Good luck!

Candy said...

good luck pinkya,
medicine seems difficult,but if u love it,ra7 tebde3een feeh..

Another-Penelope said...

omg that's really huge I wish you the best of luck !