Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bad week

so my week is not like what i thought will be!!
i was suppose to finish somethings for uni but i didn't because i had this history midterm so i spent the day studying it and didn't finish the chapters i wanted m ok im almost done with the anatomy but i have other lectures " genetics , pathology , pharmacology " to study
inshalla i will finish part one by friday though i wanted to finish it by yesterday bs yalla what to do
about uni the time table is FULL we didn't have any break !! from 8:30am till 4:00pm all the week!! can you believe that ..
im not finding time for anything ,, i want to sleep badly though i sleep but i either sleep less than what i need or more both cases i wake up having this stupid headache that i wish i didn't sleep..
know im having a class that is about walking and normal gate ><
how to do physical examinations for the foot and ankle joint
boring !!

NOTE: im really missing someone :(

4 التعليقات:

Candy said...

eshtagatlech el 3afia
oh el derasa sucks <_<

Another-Penelope said...

gosh 7dda boring kella study:( alla e3eeench !

pinky said...

candy ... wainch miss u replying on my blogs
another-penelope ... ya walla bs m6nsha and having fun :p

hza3 said...

lol ma3layh ull get all the rest u need after el uni 7ta ull be bored mn zod el free time that u have =D