Sunday, July 12, 2009

up date

hii all,,,
lately i've been reallly busy with the summer courses i took and going out everyday :p
and remind me not to take summer courses anymore its too hot!!
the sun is burning !!!!!! seriously even the sun block is not enough anyways i only have 1 elective and i will be done so i can take it during the year...
anyways , the other day i was in the mall and i wanted to get a new purse but i dont know what 2 choose i love classy , chic thing yet i love ones i can wear all the time and for anyplace u know
3 weeks ago i got the D&G which i love <3>
and did anyone watch the movie "passengers" !!!!!!! i saw it 2 days ago ,, at the end i was like .. what!! whats the story who is dead and who is not !!
hhhh because the story shows people that lived after the plane crash but then discovered that they are dead and some events happened to show them the path something like that but it was a nice movie i enjoyed watching it..
this is for today and the rest is coming and more updates are on the way :)

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Candy said...

haaaih could the UAE be hotter than this <_<
lol,i took few minutes to accept the ending of that movie hehe

Anonymous said...

Woooohhh.. yeah it so hawwwwttt!!!! My Skin becoming very dried!! :(

Another-Penelope said...

hey there :D show us ur bag i wanna seeee !!

weee shklaaa i wanna check that movie !

pinky said...

Candy .. hhhh me 2 i didn't get it ela after it finished

princess nuchu... ohhh me 2 but take care of it with creams and soo

another-penelope.... i will take some pic soon and show u