Thursday, July 2, 2009


i want to have a makeover
hhhhh not the ones on tv :p
but seriouslllly i want to change my style and look
any ideas??

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Another-Penelope said...

mmm classic style with one pair of bright color I guess :P

Stylish-Girl said...

start with a new haircut, something bold crazy , if urs is long maybe shorten it or get bangs :P

then renew ur wardobe with new clothes /acessories

thats my idea LOL :D

pinky said...

another-penelope... i love classic but time to change

stylish-girl.... i had a haircut lately and 2 days ago i got bangs :P even my friend was like ohh you look like a baby hhhhh

Anonymous said...

Hahah.. there you go.. like me!!

Hahah.. go pink girl :)

A said...
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A said...

All you have to do is filter your closet, go for a major shopping spree & have a hair cut :D and you're good to go.