Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today, im fasting and after having my fo6oor i checked my weight and i got shocked that i gained 3 kg and my current weight is 49kg it was 46kg i felt bad about it ,, im not a freak who keeps checking her weight all day .. I eat what i want and never count the calories in the food and keep my self active but gaining those kgs was due to the fastfood i eat and the amout of sweets i had the past 2 weeks while going out..
My plan is that i will start going to the jim 2-3 times a week , yet im not thinking about a diet cause i dont eat much already , what i will change in my diet is that i will drink more water ( we should have 2 liters a day) and cut down the fast food ..
WHY on earth am i talking about weight and putting a picture of a cupcake i have no idea hhhhh but i love cupcakes ..

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