Saturday, January 24, 2009

1. soo cute ... <3 the speedy style
2. loved it and the size is woow " im having a hard time finding a purse these days they all come in huge sizes and im skinny i will look funny carrying a purse bigger than me !!! "

3. this is what i got instead amazing "speedy30" elegant and you can carry anywhere ..
4. can't say more than AMAZING PINK love it but too big so not in my list hhhhh

5. just FABULOUS

6. heals "MY LOVE" .. i never go out of the mall without buying one , im soo in to pumps these days just got cute pink and purple pumps .. honestly i hate flats though i did wear flats once to teez my friend cause she is much taller than me , and in the labs some doctors said that we have to wear flats :( so i had to get some and lately i got one in pink maybe that will help hhh

7. love sandals the best

8. My love ... JEWELLERY.. !

9. the golden one looks better


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